Transformational Astrology - The Sun

The Sun is the center of our solar system. Everything else revolves around, and makes sense in terms of, the Sun in our solar system. So too in your astrological chart, the Sun is your primary orientation point. All other planets and astrological factors "revolve around" and make sense in terms of the Sun. The Sun is a point of intelligibility, from which all else can be understood and even derived.

To bring order out of what would otherwise be chaos, we need to find an orientation point, indeed the most significant or important orientation point, then all else can be ordered and understood in relation to that point.

Most religious persons would say that God or Spirit is the primary orientation point for understanding life and one's own role in it. Since we're "made in the image of God" as creative spirit, and the Sun in the astrological chart represents us as creative spirit incarnate [soul], then it's easy to see why the Sun is the primary orientation point in the astrological chart.

The astrological chart itself is a graphical snapshot of cosmic, archetypal "initiating conditions" at birth that will spin and play themselves out over time in conjunction with character development, spiritual disciplines, and application of self.


The Sun symbolizes YOU as an individual spiritual being, your will, purposes, and vitality. The Sun represents the experience you want to have as a soul, your purpose(s), what you can contribute, based on your own being, attributes, virtues, understanding, skills, and mastery.

Physically the Sun represents your vitality, your aliveness, your vital life force. To a great degree, a person's vitality or state of their vital life force is a function of the state of their soul and level of confidence.

The first thing I look for in natal chart is, WHERE IS THE SUN BY SIGN, BY HOUSE, AND BY ASPECT? Since the SUN is the primary orientation point spiritually, this is where the attention needs to go first. There are many other factors and secondary orientation points in an astrological chart such as the Ascendant or Rising Sign that we will consider on another occasion.

Where the Sun is by SIGN indicates keynotes of the soul. Like all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible - from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar - to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance of some kind or other.

Here are a few keynotes of the SUN SIGNS.
This should not be considered an exhaustive list.

ARIES: initiative, starting, thrust, innovation, the fires of creation, creative ideas, raw power, purpose, will and energy.

TAURUS: desire, havingness, steadfastness, stability, continuing, manifestation, values, practical arts, abundance from the Earth.

GEMINI: perception, communication, relation of apparent opposites, messages, interpreter, human life as deep conversation, creation of spaces that facilitate appropriate communication with no withholds, naming the truth, languaging our experience.

CANCER: caring, feeling, gut level intuition, ability to read the mass consciousness, finger on the pulse of humanity, comfort, creation of safe spaces, health benefits of emotional continuity over time.

LEO: creation, self-expression, arts, radiance, blessing, attracting attention, facilitation, colorful, dramatic, large-scale spaces, directing, orchestrating.

VIRGO: discernment, service, healing, work processes, purity, craftsmanship, contribution, science, logic, distillation of information to essence; God's in the details; no task is to great or too small; equality of all persons in the eyes of God; giving birth to the Christ Consciousness in the human heart.

LIBRA: beauty, color, harmony, balance, justice, fairness, right relationship, reciprocity, giving and receiving, sowing and reaping, balancing the scales of karma.

SCORPIO: seeking the golden mean between extremes, going to the depths to find answers, full-out engagement with life, healthy detachment, renunciation, overcoming addictions based in intensity of feeling.

SAGITTARIUS: naming the truth, telling the truth with love, goals, aspiration, higher emotions, prophecy, estimation of the future, worldviews and perspectives, freedom, wide-open natural spaces, visionary, planetary consciousness, philosophy, generosity, being in the right place at the right time.

CAPRICORN: essences, manifestation, structures, divine order, definition, time-sense, builder, initiation, excellence, simplicity, quality, leadership, achievement, accomplishment, perseverance, mastery, political.

AQUARIUS: world service, multicultural, arts and sciences, future, wholistic and multidisciplinary, honors diversity, groups and teams, freedom, intuition, technology, friendship, metaphysical principles, love of humanity, broad vision.

PISCES: unconditional love, spiritual devotion, surrender to God, acceptance of others, fine arts, empathic intuition, learning to create healthy boundaries, transformation, transmutation, completions.

Here are some notes on SUN IN THE HOUSES.
This should not be considered an exhaustive list.

SUN IN 1st HOUSE: Life focus on self and personal identity, image, creating images, body and body image, helping others with their image and identity, personal visibility, getting "out there" and being seen for who you really are, confidence, self-expression, promotion.

SUN IN 2nd HOUSE: Life focus on values, money, possessions, resources, generating spiritual substance, spiritual and physical sustainability.

SUN IN 3rd HOUSE: Life focus on basic learning, ideas, communication, writing, speaking, teaching, transportation vehicles, communication vehicles such as phones and internet, siblings and neighbors.

SUN IN 4th HOUSE: Life focus on the foundations of life, roots, family, ancestry, home, early life emotional patterns, emotional security, emotional continuity and sustainability, parents (especially mother), domestic environments, domestic real estate, gardens, spiritual connections and abilities in families.

SUN IN 5th HOUSE: Life focus on the creative process, children and young people, love affairs, vacations, recreation, sports, resorts, fun, games, risk.

SUN IN 6th HOUSE: Life focus on health, work and service to others, teamwork, transitional states, job, staff.

SUN IN 7th HOUSE: Life focus on the "other" person, partnering, close relationships, how people mirror and complement each other, counseling or consulting.

SUN IN 8th HOUSE: Life focus on big business, other people's money, research, regeneration, inheritances, spiritual and material legacies, initiation, dreams, life and death matters, sexuality, the mysteries of life, insurance, mortgages.

SUN IN 9th HOUSE: Life focus on belief systems and worldviews, religion, philosophy, social sciences, foreign travel and languages, publishing, marketing.

SUN IN 10th HOUSE: Life focus on leadership, management, high visibility, getting attention for causes or methods.

SUN IN 11th HOUSE: Life focus on community, friends, social circle, common goals and ideals, community leadership, gathering community resources, networking and social connections.

SUN IN 12th HOUSE: Life focus on solitude, inner resources, psychology, spirituality, consciousness, meditative, contemplative and altered states, intuition, initiation, karmic patterns and completions, chronic health conditions, energy medicine, service, liberation.

ASPECTS to the Sun (mathematical relationships of the other planets to the Sun) and RULER OF THE SUN yield additional information about identity, purpose and vitality. A Sun that's well-aspected tends toward an ease of self-awareness, sense of personal identity, flowing creativity, high vitality. A Sun that is stressed by aspect tends toward challenges of identity, self-confidence, creativity, and vitality. Sometimes challenges are just what's needed to gain a thorough understanding of how life works in an area, and to learn how to tackle and overcome obstacles, whereas if things are too easy, we may take them for granted and not learn much.

DWADS are a secondary Sign influence underlying the exact degree and minute of your Sun. Dwads can give outstanding supplemental information, especially for those working on deeper and more psychological levels, and can help explain why someone is not the typical Aries, for example.

RELOCATION ASTROLOGY shows where to go in the continental United States and in the rest of the world to place the Sun on the angles of your chart using astro-cartography. Another system called local space mapping, which I have researched extensively for 10 years now, shows where to go in the world to gain support for your Sun - your sense of yourself as an individual, your creative expression, your sense of purpose and vitality.

RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY. "Synastry" analysis places the Sun of one person P1 into the chart of another person P2, showing what gets fundamentally and at a soul level "lit up" by P1 coming into P2's life. Then conversely, P2's Sun is placed in P1's chart. Using another compatibility technique, the Composite Chart, the composite Sun represents the merger of two individuals, the third energy that's formed in their coming together, and its sign and house placement are a focal point for the composite or relationship chart. The composite Sun is derived by mathematical calculations, the near midpoint of both people's Suns.

PROGRESSIONS are one way to bring the natal chart up to date in present time, and show long-term developmental trends. You never lose the qualities of your Sun Sign, but the Progressed Sun adds new dimensions of experience to your natal Sun Sign. Progressions are determined conceptually and mathematically, and do not correspond to physical location of the planets in present time. The Sun progresses through a sign every 30 years. When the Progressed Sun changes sign, this event heralds a new chapter in the person's life, a new developmental phase, and many new qualities and experiences arrive suddenly at this time. The year or two before the Progressed Sun changes sign is a time of completions from the previous 28 or so years.

TRANSITS are another way to update the natal chart into present time. Transits are where the planets are now, and how they relate to your natal chart. The Sun transits around your entire chart in 1 year, and transits through each house in your chart - about 30 days per house. As the Sun transits around your natal chart, it "lights up" the houses of your chart in succession, highlighting windows of opportunity to cultivate soul experience in that area of life. Much depends on what you do with these windows of soul opportunity, rather than depending on externals to determine your experience. I call Sun transits "your annual success cycles" since when used with consciousness, they help you to be more successful in the various areas of life. Furthermore, they show the soul's desire for experience in present time, and allow you to "deepen" or "spiral up" in life experience each time the Sun makes its annual sojourn through your chart. Your Sun transits create a stability and order in your life rhythm similar to that of the seasons in nature.

SOLAR RETURN is a chart for when the Sun returns to exactly to its position in your natal chart, down to the degree and minute. This occurs on your birthday, +/- a day, and may change slightly each year. Your solar return could be considered your "astrological birthday" each year. A solar return is a chart in itself and gives clues to where you'll be focused in the upcoming year, and how to make the most of your year ahead. I've found the luminaries (Sun and Moon) in a solar return to be the most indicative, by sign and house.

HORARY ASTROLOGY is the chart of a particular question, and the Sun in horary is often said to burn out the house it falls in, like too much of a good thing, too much intensity. Horary questions are less about the soul's path and pattern and more about mundane questions such as finding lost objects or predicting the course of a deal. The Moon is used more in horary, but the Sun in the wrong place can squelch the matter in question.


The Sun in a natal astrological chart symbolizes YOU - the spiritual being, plus attributes and abilities of the spiritual being, the creator plus the creative process, your vitality, you the knower and experiencer of life!

The Sun symbolizes YOU THE SOUL - spirit incarnate in a physical body. The soul is the marriage of Heaven and Earth in the human being. The soul carries the memories of Heaven [our home universe] and our creative desires for manifestation in the Earth. In soul awareness, we can fulfill the dream of creating a Heaven on Earth, and having heavenly relationships where all beings are our soul-mates.

By mastering the house where your Sun resides, you're then ready to assume a leadership and mentoring role with regard to the activities of that house. In so doing, you share your consciousness, pass the torch, "clone yourself," and actually multiply your power, consciousness and love by giving them away.

Your unique leadership or mentoring style will reflect your Sun's qualities and virtues, as well as other key factors in your astrological chart.

The Sun's colors are gold, golden yellow, orange and metallic gold.

The soul can be said to "reside" in the heart chakra, home of wisdom and compassion. Soul awareness "lives" in the heart. The soul distributes its vibration to the etheric and physical bodies. The heart chakra is the etheric intermediary between the soul and the physical world.

(The spleen chakra further assists in the etheric body as a major distributor of life energies. Spleen energy is tangerine, a clear luminous orange - note the color connection with the Sun. Dalichow notes in AURA-SOMA that orange is used or preferred for overcoming life-shocks. Such shocks can jam life force energy and negatively affect the immune system, of which the spleen is a part.)

[A "chakra" is literally a "wheel" of life, an energy-and- information center in the etheric body, often symbolized by a lotus or rose.]

The memories of our home universe, the creative information we received there, and all life experience for all lifetimes, live in the soul and are perceived by the soul. All quality is discerned by the soul. All life is a continuity and a unity for the soul - beyond birth, death, and differentiation - a seamless creation! We as spirit(s) are made in the image of God as creative spirit unlimited.

We are the creators (and co-creators) of our own universes of experience, within the larger life of God-Spirit, All-that-Is.The study of astrology is fundamentally a study of the process of creation, a study of what I call your "life-process" in the largest sense of the term, and the details of its manifestation.

The Sun symbolizes our deeper spiritual realities. Attributes of the physical Sun correlate to attributes of our spiritual nature, like different octaves of the same note. A description of the physical Sun reminds us of how these same qualities obtain and operate in spiritual dimensions.


light light
golden golden
shining shining
visible visible
radiant radiant
glory glory
brilliant brilliant
splendid splendid
resplendent resplendent
fullness fullness
vital vital
self-luminous self-luminous
self-balancing self-balancing
self-harmonious self-harmonious
coherent coherent
continuous continuous
central orientation point central orientation point
integrator integrator
points to wholeness points to wholeness
necessary to our system absolutely necessary, sine qua non
spiritual identity
self-generating (sui generis)
self-conscious, self-awareness
knower and known
healthy self-esteem
integrity [ethics and wholeness]
pride in achievement
healthy self-esteem
based in spiritual identity
the soul's life, light, and love
unchanging, static

The Sun symbolizes both the knower and the known. Indeed, the spirit or soul is self-conscious - enjoys reflexive awareness. Furthermore, the creative spirit or soul puts its mark or signature on all that it creates, and spreads its influence throughout its personal universe of experience. Everything in your personal universe reflects your consciousness in some way, to some degree, by bearing your spiritual signature of light, and by mirroring your consciousness back to you. Thus you are both the knower and the known. Some writers have suggested that we can't know a thing unless we create it, or re-create it.

The Mormons say that "the glory of God is intelligence." Intelligence is fundamentally a spiritual quality, beyond the limitations of ordinary worldly mind. Intelligence is the ability to know, to permeate a thing with consciousness and to know it directly. Such intelligence is revealed in the radiance of the Transfiguration, where the light of spirit becomes so strong that it shines forth visibly from the countenance and body of a person.

In Plato's Analogy of the Cave (REPUBLIC, Book VII) the cave dwellers walk up a ramp to the top and see the light of the Sun - behold the light of truth. Despite the metaphor of the physical sun, the dwellers can see this truth only with their "spiritual eyes," through insight or intuitive knowing. The dwellers are dazzled by the light and bring the memories of the light back with them into the cave (material world). They now have the soul memories of light, truth, and wisdom, which they will attempt to apply and bring to bear in the relatively dimmer world of the cave. Again the sun represents the knower and the known.

Direct, spiritually-based, intuitive knowing (noesis) is the classical Greek epistemic ideal. Intuitive knowing by virtue of the soul is the premier, "top of the line" knowing, higher and more desirable than sense perception, opinions (_doxa_), and even most understanding, according to Plato in his Myth of the Line [REPUBLIC 511]. The soul has an eye [527D], and the soul can see directly. In seeking to know reality, the soul goes beyond appearances to distinguish between the visible and the intelligible [524C]. Plato notes that by the time a person is 50 years old he must raise the eye of the soul to universal light that lightens all things, and to absolute good, as these provide the pattern to order our individual lives and the state [550]. Why wait? - the sooner the better!

In addressing the subject of personal transformation, Plato inquires how a person is to be brought from darkness to light, how will he ascend from the world below to that of the gods? This process does not happen by chance, but by the turning around of a soul, passing from a "day" which is little better than night (ordinary life) to the true day of being (spiritual life). The ascent from below is what we term true philosophy [love of wisdom]. What sort of knowledge has the power to effect such change, to effect ascension? What would draw the soul from becoming to being (i.e., get him off the wheel of karma and trapped in the cave of worldliness, and into a stable spiritual condition)? [521C] The remainder of the REPUBLIC is an answer to these questions, but suffice it say here that certain subjects such as mathematics, music, and gymnastics help to order the person's mind, cultivate his soul, strengthen his body for life-balance. Special dialogues elicit the person's own spiritual recollections of truth. A dialogue does not go on forever, only until the truth is realized, which is the purpose of dialogue.

On a physical level, the healing art of Homeopathy addresses a person's vital life force, the condition of which reflects the person's state of being as a spirit or soul. Degradations and perversions of a person's spiritual state are brought about by emotional or physical traumas, upsets, or shocks, false ideas or delusions. In homeopathy, the practitioner looks both at 1) the ideal vital force and 2) the present condition of the person's vital force, compares the two, and tracks down what is the core delusion, how is the person [mis-]using his will to create the present condition that results in an aberration of the vital force? The homeopathic remedy addresses the vital force, brings it up, and symptoms blow off as phenomena-to-consciousness, appearances having no fundamental reality. The vital force - which carries its own spiritual intelligence and reflects the state of the individual's consciousness - reigns as the fundamental reality that conditions the state of the body.


I affirm the day that every child and every adult knows that he is spirit, made in the image of God as creative spirit unlimited, pure consciousness and creator of radiant golden substance, wielder of spiritual substance, and knows that his spiritual lineage and being are the source of his intelligence and virtue. What a different world we will have!


"The Sun is honey for all beings, and all beings are honey for this Sun. The intelligent, immortal being, the soul of this sun, and the intelligent, immortal being, the soul in the individual being - each is honey to the other. Brahman is the soul in each; he indeed is the Self in all. He is all." - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

"Him the sun does not illumine, nor the moon, nor the stars, nor the lightning - nor, verily, fires kindled upon earth. He is the one light that gives light to all. He shining, everything shines." - Katha Upanishad

"That in which th sun rises and in which it sets, that which is the source of all the powers of nature and of the senses, that which nothing can transcend - that is the immortal Self." - Katha Upanishad

"The immortal Self is the light shining in the sky, he is the breeze blowing in space. - Katha Upanishad

"In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun." - Psalms 19:4

"Thou hast prepared the light and the sun." - Psalms 74:16

"The Lord God is a sun." - Psalms 84:11

"The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth." - Doctrine & Covenants 93:36

"Clear as the sun" - Song of Solomon 6:10

"Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun." - Matthew 13.43

"His face did shine as the sun." - Matthew 17:2

"There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differeth from another star in glory." - I Corinthians 15:41

"The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." - Psalms 139:11

"God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of knowledge of the glory of God..." - II Corinthians 4:6

"Let us put on the armor of light." - Romans 13:12